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go000.com - Knowledge is Power

A comprehensive information and resources site for those who want to look for fun of life, reinvent oneself, discover new interests, acquire new skills and, replenish with the knowledge that who, through the original education process, may not have a chance to reach to.

In the pursuit of Happiness

Living is so fun. go000.com is the Origin of fun for life. The site is the information venue for you to discover the joyful lifestyle of living such as cooking ideas and recipes, fashion and beauty trends, travel destinations, caring for pets, family holiday events, home decoration. It also helps you to develop new interests and acquire new skills such as reading creative writings and poem, learn dance and fitness routines, maintain your car, improve your English and communication skills. In addition, go000.com has a social networking area to meet new friends. Moreover, daily undated games, jokes, cartoons, fortune telling, puzzles are provided for the pleasure and challenge of your mind.

Revive from the Origin

Often time before we are able to realize, our life have already run into a tunnel. However, what is great about human nature is we are adaptable, have resilience and perseverance and we can overcome huge obstacles. When it is time to sit down to review and revitalize yourself, begin a new life, start all over again, replenish information or look at the Hierarchy of needs such as Food, clothing, shelter, health ...etc., it is convenient to do a self-learning online of skills such as job search techniques, building relationships, managing finance, interpersonal communication, social etiquette, or to simply discover new interests and activities. go000.com help you see the light at the end of the tunnel, let your lifestyle flourish, make available a wide spectrum of knowledge that may not have appeared to you in your original flow of life.

Free flow of Information

Society is undergoing impact of technology everyday, free flow of information is one of the major phenomena. go000.com take advantage of the Information Technology infrastructure to deliver valuable information to the public including popular web sites, videos, news, educational, inspirational, entertainment and research resources etc.